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The English Market in Cork...

The English Market is, above all else, a place of Commerce and Trade and the continuation of successful trading is essential to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the experience that is the English Market. It is very much the privilege of the traders to play their part in having visitors enjoy the experience of the market. The English Market Cork

To properly savour the experience of visiting the English Market, visitors need to have the space and time to walk its aisles, to view the stalls and to sit, sip a coffee, and enjoy the unique trading experience of the Market that has survived since the 18th Century.

Jams for sale in the English Market CorkTo ensure that tourists and casual visitors to the English Market can get the maximum from their visit, tour groups are encouraged to come outside of peak trading hours. In general, the busier trading hours of 11.00 am – 4.30 pm daily should be avoided (Friday and Saturday can be particularly hectic). Tour groups intending to visit the market are requested to register.





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English Market Q&As

What is the English Market Cork?

The English Market is a municipal food market in the center of Cork, Ireland, occupying an area stretching from Princes Street to the Grand Parade

When did the English Market in Cork open?

Cork’s most famous food market, the English Market, was opened in 1788