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Choosing Your Wedding Date

You’ve got engaged, congratulations! Before you start planning your wedding menu or trying on bridal gowns, you’re going to need to set your wedding date. This can often be as stressful as the actual planning of the day. You’ve got plenty of details to factor in, from the weather to your work schedule. We’ve compiled a list of some factors you should definitely consider when narrowing down the date of your big day. Read on, you might see something you’ve overlooked!

The Weather

In Ireland, predicting the weather is almost impossible. However, you can certainly give yourself the best possible chance of a glorious day for your dream outdoor if you choose a date in the Summer months. If you have your heart set on an indoor wedding, this probably won’t influence your decision too much. Really, your dependency on the weather all comes back to the type of wedding you want. Work out your ideal setting, and then work out if that dream is outside on a lazy July evening, or tucked up on a cosy November afternoon. It is always important to keep in mind the travel plans of your guests, also!

How much time you need

Planning a wedding is hard work, and you’ll want to give yourself enough time to do the job right. If you’re planning an intimate, laid-back soiree, you can probably be a little more relaxed. But if you’re hoping for a luxurious event with hundreds of guests, you’ll want to set a date well into the future. For example, if you have your heart set on a custom-made dress, you may need to give the dressmakers a little bit of time to get those details just right for you.

Guests’ Schedules

Whilst it is of course the biggest day of your lives, it’s important to also consider the schedules of your VIP guests (family, closest friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen). Have they got unavoidable scheduling conflicts with certain dates that you have in mind? Have they got invited to other weddings already? It will be impossible to find a time to suit everyone. If you can find a date that suits all those that you need to have at your wedding, that’s the best you can do!

Your Work Schedule

Most couples will look to take their honeymoon straight after their wedding day. Be sure that you pick a date which ensures that you can arrange enough time off work. You’ll need to accommodate the busy lead-up, and relaxing post-wedding holiday. For this, keep in mind any busy times of the year that you may have in your profession which might interrupt your plans!

Significant Dates

Are there any dates that are significant to you both? Do you want to get married on the same date that you met? Maybe there is a date that might be special to your family? Whilst this obviously makes the task of choosing a date much easier, it might also mean you have to look at a much longer wait until the big day.


Whatever date you end up choosing, your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and a celebration of your new life together. Ultimately it probably won’t matter what date you choose. If you have your dream wedding and you are both happy, that’s all that really counts!

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